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Name When
National Absinthe Day Mar 5
National Acorn Squash Day Sep 7
Adopt a Turkey Month Nov
Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security Oct 30
African Heritage and Health Week 2X
Afternoon Tea Week (UK) Aug Mon of Wk. 2
National Agriculture Day Mar
National Agriculture Week
International Albarino Day Aug 1
National Alcohol Awareness Month Apr
All American Breakfast Month Sep
Almond Buttercrunch Day Jun 29
National Almond Day Feb 16
National Amaretto Day Apr 19
National Ambrosia Day Dec 12
National American Beer Day Oct 27
American Cheese Month Oct
American Chocolate Week Mar Sun of Wk. 3
American Diabetes Association Alert Day Mar 4th Tue
National Angel Food Cake Day Oct 10
National Animal Cracker Day Apr 18
National Anisette Day Jul 2
National Ants On A Log Day Sep 2nd Tue
National Aperitif Day May 3rd Thu
Apple and Apricot Month Jan
National Apple Betty Day Oct 5
National Apple Cider Day Nov 18
Apple Day (UK) Oct 21
National Apple Dumpling Day Sep 17
Apple Gifting Day Jan 1
National Apple Month Sep
National Apple Pie Day 2X
National Apple Strudel Day Jun 17
Apple Tree Day Jan 6
National Apple Turnover Day Jul 5
National Applejack Month Oct
National Applesauce Cake Day Jun 6
Apricot Day Jan 9
National Artichoke and Asparagus Month Jan
National Artichoke Hearts Day Mar 16

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