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Name When
International Carrot Day Apr 4
Carve a Pumpkin Day Oct 31
National Cashew Day Nov 22
Cassoulet Day Jan 9
National Catfish Day Jun 25
National Catfish Month Aug
Caviar Day Jul 18
Celebrate Sun Dried Tomatoes Month Oct
Celebration of Chocolate Month Feb
National Celery Month Mar
Celery, Fennel and Cactus Month Aug
National Celiac Awareness Day Sep 13
National Cereal Day Mar 7
National Ceviche Day (Peru) Jun 28
Global Champagne Day Oct 3rd Fri
National Champagne Day Dec 31
Chardonnay Day
National Cheap Chocolate Day Feb 15
National Cheat Day Jan 4th Thu
National Cheddar Fries Day Apr 20
National Cheese Ball Day Apr 17
National Cheese Curd Day Oct 15
National Cheese Day Jun 4
National Cheese Doodle Day Mar 5
National Cheese Fondue Day Apr 11
Cheese Lovers Day Jan 20
National Cheese Pizza Day Sep 5
National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day Jul 29
National Cheese Souffle Day May 18
National Cheese Toast Day Sep 15
National Cheeseburger Day Sep 18
Cheesecake Day Jul 30
Chef's Appreciation Day Aug 3rd Sat
Chef's Appreciation Week Aug 3rd Sun
International Chefs Day Oct 20
National Cherries Jubilee Day Sep 24
National Cherry Cheesecake Day Apr 23
National Cherry Cobbler Day May 17
National Cherry Day (UK) Jul 16
National Cherry Dessert Day May 26