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Name When
National Cherry Month Feb
National Cherry Pie Day Feb 20
National Cherry Popover Day Sep 1
National Cherry Popsicle Day Aug 26
National Cherry Tart Day Jun 3rd Tue
National Cherry Turnover Day Aug 28
National Chewing Gum Day Sep 30
National Chia Day Mar 23
International Chicken and Waffles Day Oct
Chicken Boy's Day Sep 1
National Chicken Cacciatore Day Oct 15
National Chicken Day Jul 9
National Chicken Month Sep
National Chicken Noodle Soup Day Mar 13
National Chicken Nugget Day Nov 13
Chicken Soup for the Soul Day Nov 12
International Chicken Wing Day Jul 29
Global Child Nutrition Month Apr
National Chili Day Feb Last Thu
National Chili Dog Day Jul Last Thu
National Chili Month Oct
National Chinese Almond Cookie Day Apr 9
National Chinese Take-Out Day Nov 5
National Chip & Dip Day Mar 23
National Chocolate Cake Day Jan 27
National Chocolate Candy Day Dec 28
National Chocolate Caramel Day Mar 19
National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Aug 4
National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week Mar Wk. 2
National Chocolate Chip Day May 15
National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day Apr 21
National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day Jan 3
National Chocolate Cupcake Day Oct 18
National Chocolate Custard Day May 3
National Chocolate Custard Month May
National Chocolate Day 2X
International Chocolate Day Sep 13
Chocolate Day (India) Feb 9
Chocolate Eclair Day Jun 22
National Chocolate Fondue Day Feb 5

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