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Name When
National Cabbage Day Feb 17
Cabernet Franc Day Dec 4
International Cabernet Sauvignon Day Aug Last Thu
International Cachaca Day Jun 12
National Cachaca Day (Brazil) Sep 13
National Caesar Salad Day Jul 4
National Cafe au Lait Day Feb 17
Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month Oct
Caffeine Awareness Month Mar
Cake and Cunnilingus Day Apr 14
International Cake Day Jul 20
National Cake Day Nov 26
National Cake Decorating Day Oct 10
National Cake Pops Day 2X
California Dried Plum Digestive Month Jan
California Kiwifruit Day Feb 2
California Restaurant Month Jan
National California Strawberry Day Mar 21
California Wine Month Sep
National Calzone Day Nov 1
Can Opener Day Aug 24
Canada's Agriculture Day Feb 16
Canadian Maple Syrup Day Feb 6
National Candied Orange Peel Day May 4
National Candy Apple Day Oct 31
National Candy Cane Day Dec 26
National Candy Corn Day Oct 30
National Candy Day Nov 4
National Candy Month Jun
Canned Food Month Feb
National Canning Day Oct 23
National Cappuccino Day Nov 8
National Caramel Apple Day Oct 31
National Caramel Custard Day Oct 3
National Caramel Day Apr 5
National Caramel Month Oct
Caramel Popcorn Day Apr 6
Carbonara Day Apr 6
Carbonated Beverage With Caffeine Day Nov 19
International Carmenere Day Nov 24

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