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Name When
Ham and Cheese Croissant Day Oct 10
Ham Day (Japan) Aug 6
National Ham Salad Day Dec 18
National Hamburger Day Jul 28
National Hamburger Day May 28
National Hamburger Month May
National Hamiltons Day Jul 18
Happy Goose Day Sep 29
International Happy Gose Day Nov 17
Happy Hour Day Nov 12
National Hard Candy Day Dec 19
Harvesting Healing Day May 23
National Harvey Wallbanger Day Nov 8
National Haskap Berry Day Jun Last Sat
Haunted Refrigerator Night Oct 30
National Have a Bagel Day Dec 11
Have a Coke Day May 8
National Hazelnut Cake Day Jun 1
Heal the Children Month May
Healthy Weight Week Jan Sun of Wk. 3
National Heart Healthy Month Feb
National Heavenly Hash Day Feb 2
Heimlich Maneuver Day Jun 1
National Herb Day May 1st Sat
National Herbs and Spices Day Jun 10
National Hoagie Day May 5
National Homebrew Day May 1st Sat
Homemade Bread Day Nov 17
National Homemade Cookies Day Oct 1
National Homemade Soup Day Feb 4
Honey Day (Japan) Aug 3
National Honey Month Sep
National Horseradish Month Jul
Hostess Cupcake Day May 11
National Hot and Spicy Food Day Aug 19
International Hot and Spicy Food Day Jan 16
National Hot Breakfast Month Feb
National Hot Buttered Rum Day Jan 17
National Hot Chicken Day Mar 30
National Hot Chocolate Day Jan 31

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