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Name When
M&M Day Oct 13
Macadamia Nut Day Sep 4
Macaroni Day Jul 7
Macaroni and Cheese Day Jul 14
Macaroon Day May 31
Macchiato Day Nov 19
Mai Tai Day Jun 30
Maize Day
Make Lunch Count Day Apr 13
Malbec World Day Apr 17
Mango And Melon Month Jul
Mango Month Jun
Maple Syrup Day Dec 17
Maple Syrup Saturday Mar 3rd Sat
Margarita Day Feb 22
Marshmallow Peeps Day Dec 7
Marshmallow Twisters Day Sep 28
Martini Day Jun 19
Marzipan Day Jan 12
McDonald's Day Apr 15
Mead Day Aug 1st Sat
Meat Free Day Jun Mon of Wk. 2
Meat Month Jan
Meatball Day Mar 9
Mediterranean Diet Month May
Melba Toast Day Mar 23
Melon Day (Turkmenistan) Aug 2nd Sun
Men Make Dinner Day Nov 1st Thu
Merlot Day Nov 7
Microwave Oven Day Dec 6
Milk Chocolate Day Jul 28
Milk Chocolate with Almonds Day Jul 8
Milk Day Jan 11
Milk Day Jun 1
Milk in Glass Bottles Day Apr 8
Milkman Day Jun 26
Milkman Day Aug 12
Milky Way Day Mar 12
Mimosa Day May 16
Mincemeat Day Oct 26

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