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Welcome to the DiningGuide NetworkSM of restaurant directories, part of the MetroGuide.Network of online city guides. DiningGuide is an online service consisting of an independent directory of restaurant profiles and a forum for thousands of reader reviews. We encourage all our readers to share their dining experiences and suggest restaurants for us to profile.

Since 1993, the DiningGuide service has pioneered interactive programs for restaurants. From coast to coast and around the world, DiningGuide Network presents tantalizing insights on regional cuisines, traditions and trends. DiningGuide also lists food of the day and other dining-related special days in our DiningGuide Today! section.

With DiningGuide, you can zero in on restaurants wherever you plan to go, choosing by either location or cuisine. Where available, we also provide links to discount dining options, menus and reservation services at selected restaurants. You can also access our site on your cell phone using our DiningGuide .Mobile edition.

To use our DiningGuide-brand directories, simply scroll down to your preferred geographic area. Many DiningGuide sites also link to area events, shopping, nightlife, hotels, attractions and more.

"A community to share your restaurant experiences, worldwide..."

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